Steelheader 2 Bay Cat Frame

SOTAR Steelheader 2 Bay Cat Frame

A larger fishing platform than the Coho, meet the Steelheader 2 Bay cat frame. This all welded aluminum frame comes standard with one removable dry box, adjustable seat mount, cooler bay, and an adjustable foot bar. Best suited for 11' to 14' cat tubes. Straps not included.

-This frame is pictured and priced including  an anchor system, motor mount, removable casting lean bar, and rear cargo area.

Available Options

Anchor system, motor mount, removable casting lean bar, rear cargo area, aluminum cup holder, ammo can with sling, captains box, full width bench seat, rocket box with sling, double rail with or without diamond plate walkway, umbrella holder, aluminum rower section floor, and powder coating.


Specifications as pictured:

  • Fully welded aluminum frame
  • One removable dry box 
  • Adjustable seat mount
  • One cooler bay 
  • Anchor system
  • Motor mount
  • Removable casting lean bar
  • Adjustable foot bar
  • Rear cargo area
  • Length: 107 1/2" +/-
  • Top deck straight section: 64" +/-
  • Width: 59" +/-
  • Inside width: 32"
  • Drop: 12 1/8" +/-
***Webbing for the floor is not included please contact for information***