Warranty & Repair

Limited Warranty Information 

SOTAR Rafts, Cats & IK's:

  • 10 Years serviceability of Urethane Fabric
  • 10 Years on all welded seams
  • 10 Years on valves
  • 10 Years on D-rings, handles and components
  • Commercial Owners 6 year on all above

SOTAR Urethane RIB or D Tubes:

  • 5 Years serviceability of Lexatron Fabric
  • 5 Years on all welded seams
  • 5 Years on valves (you must maintain)
  • 5 Years on D-rings, handles and components
  • 3 Years on all Glued components

Warranty is good to the original owner only and cannot be transferred. To correct any possible defects, the registered owner of the raft must submit in writing, notification of said defect to White Water Manufacturing, wherein the owner will be instructed to ship, freight prepaid to the factory for evaluation and or repair.

Warranty does not include damage caused by abuse, over inflation, or conditions not considered to be normal wear-and-tear.

The judgment of factory-trained representatives is final. The customer will pay any repair not considered to be warrantable after notification and approval.

For a copy of our warranty please e-mail Sales@SOTAR.com, phone 800-467-6827, or send a request through the General Inquires section of the Contact Us section.

Basic Repairs

Each boat comes with a patch kit. Inside your patch kit you will find 4 circle patches and 2 long strips of material with the corners rounded, a can of Clifton Urethane glue, a bottle of MEK, cleaning rags, and a valve tool. Your boat must be deflated in order to properly patch your boat. For minor repairs, clean the surface to be patched and the patch itself with MEK until all dirt and oxidation is removed. (The shiny material should show through). Apply the first coat of adhesive immediately, brushing it evenly on each surface. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes before applying the second coat. When the second coat is dry, reactivate both surfaces with MEK. When aggressively tacky (like duct tape), assemble and apply pressure using a smooth hard object. If no MEK is available, the patch may be applied when the second coat is tacky. Rub thoroughly for superior bonding. If you are repairing a rip of over five inches we suggest that you patch both inside and outside. The size of the patch should be at least two inches larger than the rip in all directions. Most importantly, keep the surfaces dry at all times. We recommend that you let the patch dry 1 hour for on river repairs and for a permanent patch you will need to let it set 24 hours. 

Your patch kit Glue and MEK will need to be checked every season as the glue can harden usually after 1-2 seasons and the MEK will evaporate. You can get fresh Glue and MEK from Sotar or from Northwest River Supply. Also, if you notice any pinhole leaks or scratches on your boat, Liquid Urethane (clear and colored) is available from Sotar, which will seal them up. You do not need to put a patch over it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at service@sotar.com

What to do in case factory repair is needed

In case you need to send the boat back to Sotar for repairs or additions, it is best to call us 800-467-6827 or e-mail us repair@sotar.com, and get a repair authorization number so that we can schedule you in. If you contact us before you ship and let us know what the problem is, it will help speed up the repair process. You will need to send your boat to our physical address 724 Ort Lane Merlin, Oregon 97532.  Please put a note in the box that has your name, address and phone number so that we can contact you after our evaluation is completed. We will go over your entire boat and let you know of anything that we find. Unless the repairs are warranty, we cannot start the repair work without authorization and 50% deposit.  Shipping charges are not covered under the warranty and we have found that the cheapest and easiest way to ship is using a standard UPS office (not a Mailboxes etc.), or we can arrange for Conway Freight to pick up your boat as we get a 70% discount with them and are happy to pass this discount on to you.  We will contact you when the repairs are completed and will let you know when we are shipping your boat back to you.

We try to keep repair turn-a-round time to 2-4 weeks depending on the work needed. However, if you have minor warranty repairs that need to be done and can wait until the end of the boating season, you may want to do this as we sometimes get very busy in the spring and early summer and turn-a-round is faster in the off-season (September – February).  Factory repair work done by SOTAR carries a one-year warranty. 

Repair rates on non-warranty work are $55 per hour plus materials.  We do work on non-Sotar rafts as well for $65 per hour.  We do not work on Hypalon boats, but do sell materials for you to do repairs yourself if you choose to.