Basic Repairs

Each boat comes with a patch kit. Inside your waterproof patch kit you will find 3 strips of tear-aid (3"x12"), alcohol wipes, and a valve tool. Your boat must be deflated in order to properly patch your boat.

For minor repairs if you are using Stabond and MEK, clean the surface to be patched and the patch itself with MEK until all dirt and oxidation is removed. (The shiny material should show through). Apply the first coat of adhesive immediately, brushing it evenly on each surface. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes before applying the second coat. When the second coat is dry, reactivate both surfaces with MEK. When aggressively tacky (like duct tape), assemble and apply pressure using a smooth hard object. If no MEK is available, the patch may be applied when the second coat is tacky. Rub thoroughly for superior bonding. If you are repairing a rip of over five inches we suggest that you patch both inside and outside. The size of the patch should be at least two inches larger than the rip in all directions. Most importantly, keep the surfaces dry at all times. We recommend that you let the patch dry 1 hour for on river repairs and for a permanent patch you will need to let it set 24 hours. 

If you have glue and MEK in your patch kit - Remember to check them over every season as the glue can harden usually after 1-2 seasons and the MEK will evaporate. You can get fresh Glue and MEK from Sotar or from Northwest River Supply ( 

For pinholes, scratches, and minor leaks Tear-Aid will suffice until you can get your inflatable in for a professional repair. 

  • MEK can be shipped GROUND to all states expect HI, AK, Porto Rico. It can't be shipped outside the USA.
  • THF can't be shipped (pick up only)
  • Stabond glue can be shipped GROUND to all states expect HI, AK, Porto Rico. It can't be shipped outside the USA.
  • Liquid Lex can't be shipped (pick up only)

Have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

What to do in case factory repair is needed

In case you need to send your boat back to SOTAR for factory repairs or additions, it is best to e-mail us or call at 1.541.476.1344 ext 105 so we can schedule you in. Please contact us before you ship your boat and let us know what the problem is - this helps speed up the repair process.

If you are dropping your inflatable off at our shop, make an appointment Pay evaluation  fee of $150 upon drop off.

Ship to: SOTAR - Attn: Service - 724 Ort Lane - Merlin, Oregon 97532. 

Please ship your boat in a box with a note that has your name, address and phone number so that we can contact you after our evaluation is completed. We will go over your entire boat and let you know of any issues found. Unless the repairs are under warranty, we can not start the repair work without authorization and a required 50% deposit.  Shipping charges are not covered under the warranty and we have found that the least expensive and easiest way to ship is using a standard UPS office (not a Mailboxes etc.), or we can arrange for Freight to pick up your boat under our account. We will contact you when the repairs are completed and will let you know when we are shipping your boat back to you. Don't ship until $150 evaluation fee is paid. 

Repairs are done in order of deposit payment received. Leads times vary and no guarantee given on completion date  Factory repair work done by SOTAR carries a one-year warranty. 


Repair rates on non-warranty work are $180 per hour plus materials.  We do work on non-SOTAR inflatables as well for $200 per hour.  All evaluations are $150 per boat. We do not work on Hypalon boats, but do sell materials for you to do repairs yourself if you choose to.