SOTAR's ST and SL rafts inflatables are made from personally developed Rezcoat, which is a 40 oz.,100% urethane material with a 1500 denier base fabric that is defensively the toughest raft material in the industry.

SOTAR Classic ST Raft 

Tested around the world, the ST series boat is stable, durable, and designed with traditional lines well known for distributing weight evenly. STs have a consistent tube diameter throughout the circumference of the boat. For years this has offered significant lift when exiting large hydraulics, a pretty dry ride, and when combined with our I-beam floor the ST has a very predictable level of tracking. The design works so well that we can’t stop building them. Sizes range from 10ft to 18ft to custom. Learn more CLICK HERE...

SOTAR Liquid SL Raft 

The SL Raft has a small footprint on the water for effortless turning, making it fast and agile. It has an extended straight section and modified diminishing tubes in the bow and stern, creating increased internal space. You can use this space to accommodate additional gear and paddlers. Learn more CLICK HERE...

The Rogue Series 

To make this series light its material is 35 oz per square yard.,100% urethane material with a 1500 denier base fabric. Affordable and lightweight, the Rogue Series combines the speed and tracking of a cataraft with the versatility of a raft. The Rogue material is specially formulated to slide over rocks, to make low-water rivers and creeking a breeze. Learn more CLICK HERE...

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