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Why buy SOTAR?

Wisdom is not found in the years but in the miles

We have certainly seen a few miles float underneath our boats. From Tierra Del Fuego to the Yukon, from Siberia to Phantom Ranch people have sat in our rafts or catarafts and spoke Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Turkish, Spanish, Quebecquois, a few African tribe dialects - and coast to coast all over our great United States of America.

We have been around 40 years, but more important - we've just plain been around

We listen and keep an open mind so we can see what is possible, what is not, what works and what can be better. We've sat in eddies listening to praise and sometimes belly-aching. Then we come home to Southwestern Oregon as always and work on building even better boats. Boats that perform to the highest level, take harder hits, glide through the water and look sleek pulled up on the beach.

We've been first a few times

  • SOTAR designed and built the first self-bailing floor - the performance innovation that allowed many a first descent and have become industry standard.
  • SOTAR began CAD design in the building of whitewater inflatable boats.
  • SOTAR  developed and perfected the lightweight heavy duty Urethane / Rezcoat boat fabric used exclusively at SOTAR for 38 years.
  • SOTAR began thermo-welding seams after the formulated Urethane / Rezcoat boat fabric was perfected, allowing for welded seams which eliminated the need for glue in construction.
  • SOTAR designed the first continuous curve cataraft tubes.

We never mind going first

Alas, the cleanest run often requires the bolder line - and we decided long ago to design and build accordingly.

See SOTAR's recent innovation, the Stealth Pack Raft prototype