Our Story

Glen Lewman Jr, SOTAR
Glenn Lewman Jr, SOTAR

SOTAR, founded in 1980, is a whitewater equipment company based in Merlin, Oregon. We have a full retail store connected to our warehouse, which is where all SOTAR inflatables are manufactured. Our retail store carries a wide-range of products. In fact, we can outfit your entire next trip.

We started out as a small company with big dreams and have evolved through the years into a custom boat shop where we get to make customers dreams come true every day by designing the best boats available with your special color combination, size or options to fit your needs. We are open year round and are able to Custom build 6-8 rafts, cats and kayaks per week.

Glenn Lewman co-founder of Sotar is still the owner today, and the company that he started in a garage is flourishing 30 years later. Customer satisfaction and custom built is what we live by here at SOTAR.