What makes the Micro Strike stand out? 

At 11 feet, the Micro Strike is easy and small enough for one person to lift and place on top of a small vehicle or in between the rear wheel wells of a utility truck. It can be used for fishing with a rower and additional angler in front with tractor seats. A lightweight modular frame includes oar towers for a rower. There’s room for a small cooler, fishing gear, and micro camping gear. Suggested Oars are 7' to 7.5' Sawyer Stealth Oars with Shoal or Asymmetrical Blades.

The Micro Strikes come standard with a welded I-beam floor, 6 outside d-rings, and 2 carry handles on the bow and stern, a patch kit, and a boat bag. Top chafe, frame, thwarts, extra D-rings, and other color options are available on request.

SOTAR's Micro Stike

  • Length: 11"
  • Exterior Width: 53"
  • Tube Diameter: 16-12"
  • Straight Section: 66"
  • Interior Width: 21"
  • Thwarts: 0
  • Thwart Diameter: 0"
  • Floor Drop: 12"
  • Floor Thickness: 6"
  • Floor I-Beams: 6
  • Valve Orientation: I (Inline with Floor I-Beams)
  • Vertical Oval 1.5" D-Rings: 8
  • Handles D-Rings: 4
  • Air Chambers: 3 (including floor)
  • Bow & Stern Rise: 5"/6"
  • Bow & Stern Rake: 9"/6"
  • Load Capacity: 650 lbs. (At 1/3 Submergence)
  • Capacity Persons: 1-2
  • Weight: 65 lbs.