Designed by Blackfoot River Outfitters founder John Herzer and custom-built in the USA by SOTAR, the Blackfoot Strike is the ultimate fishing boat. John has been rowing Sotar boats since 1984 – rowing rafts a distance equivalent to twice the earth's circumference! When it comes to understanding the performance and quality of an inflatable craft, few have the experience and understanding that Herzer does. 

The Blackfoot Strike represents 34 years of fly-fishing guide experience. It drafts as shallow as a drift boat, and its design makes it nimble enough for tight boulder-choked streams yet stable enough for significant whitewater.

The diminishing bow and stern maximize usable storage space. It has less than seven feet of tube on the water and a 19″ maximum tube diameter. The most notable advantage is evident in the asymmetrical design, which maintains the desirable aerodynamics and 360-degree visibility of a low profile. We increased the stern diameter to provide more flotation for a rear angler or gear.  

ALL Blackfoot Strikes come standard with FOUR air chambers in the main outside tube and includes a 10-year warranty.  Other standard features include a welded I-beam floor, 10 outside d-rings and 6 carry handles, a patch kit, and a boat bag. Top chafe, thwarts, extra D-rings, and other options are available on request.  

 13'6" Model:
*Overall length end to end 13'6"
*Outside width 72"
*Interior width 34" (floor is 36")
*Tube diameter - 19" main tubes diminishing to 14" in bow, 16" in stern 
*Weight -a scant 97 pounds!
*Carrying Capacity 1,530 pounds 
*10 year warranty
*Four air chambers around the main outside tube
* Self bailing welded I-beam inflated floor
* 4 standard outside D-rings
* 6 carry handles/D-rings
* Patch kit and boat bag.

12'6" Model:
The 12’6″ configuration is designed to be a lighter-weight option for relatively smaller streams and/or when the primary use is for two occupants. However, the 12'6" can certainly handle 3 occupants, rated a 2-3 person raft for 1320 pounds.  This model is super sporty, immediately coming to a halt with just a couple of strokes, efficiently crawling laterally cross-current, and is ridiculously nimble in tight boulder-choked rivers.  Want to get off the beaten path?  The 12'6" Strike is light enough to drag over log jams and around back channel choking deadfalls.  Smaller streams are instantly in your wheelhouse with its' smaller footprint, narrow beam and shallow draft. 

14'6" Model:
As the heavy lifter of the Blackfoot Strike lineup, the 14'6" is perfectly suited for families and individuals desiring more space and carrying capacity.  This exceptional crossover boat performs equally well as a 3-person fishing raft, a family fun whitewater craft, or a multi-day freighter.   Surprisingly, this model affords multiple uses with only slight frame manipulation even heavily loaded.  With a standard fishing frame, anglers feel even more stable in bigger water.  Pop off the front seat bar and the foam bench seat, voila' the family is fun and ready for day trips down a favorite river.  Swap that bench out with an additional foam-topped dry box, and you're instantly prepared to load up for an extended multi-day excursion.  

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