SOTAR Micro Strike 11' Raft

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SOTAR Strike 11' Raft
(Frame not included in price)

The SOTAR Micro Strike is designed to be a light weight (60 pounds) portable raft. Use with one or two people, use with a frame, row, fish or paddle on this versatile raft. Choose to purchase an NRS modular frame or have a custom frame built to fit the Mirco Strike. Frame is not included in the price.
What makes the Micro Strike standout? SOTAR Micro StrikeAt 11 feet, the Micro Strike is easy and small enough for one person to lift and place on top of a small vehicle or in between the rear wheel wells of a utility truck. It can be used for fishing with a rower and additional angler in front with tractor seats. A light weight modular frame includes oar towers for a rower and you can run it with thwarts to set it up for 1 or 2 paddlers. There’s room for a small cooler, fishing gear and micro camping gear.
The Micro Strikes come standard with a welded I beam floor, 4 outside d-rings and 2 carry handles on the bow and stern, a patch kit and boat bag.

Available Options

Design Modifications, Customized Color combos, Additional Handles & D-Rings, Top Chafe, Bottom Wrap, Foot Scoops, 3rd Thwart, Custom Logos, Frames, Oars, Paddles.

  • Length: 11"
  • Exterior Width: 53"
  • Tube Diameter: 16-12"
  • Straight Section: 66"
  • Interior Width: 21"
  • Thwarts: 0
  • Thwart Diameter: 0"
  • Floor Drop: 12"
  • Floor Thickness: 6"
  • Floor I-Beams: 6
  • Valve Orientation: I (Inline with Floor I-Beams)
  • Vertical Oval 1.5" D-Rings: 8
  • Handles D-Rings: 4
  • Air Chambers: 3 (including floor)
  • Bow & Stern Rise: 5"/6"
  • Bow & Stern Rake: 9"/6"
  • Load Capacity: 650 lbs. (At 1/3 Submergence)
  • Capacity Persons: 1-2
  • Weight: 65 lbs.