SOTAR ST 14' Classic Raft

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SOTAR ST 14' Classic Raft

A true legend in its own time, the 14' Classic has more first descent and World Rafting Championships than any raft. The first self-bailer was born in 1983 and has truly changed the rafting world. The 14' ST Classic is our most popular raft. From the Grand Canyon to the Zambezi from Cherry Creek to the Bashkaus the Classic 14' has done it all. Big enough for big water but small enough for those tight steep runs, you can't go wrong with a Classic 14' under you.  All SOTAR Inflatables are designed and manufactured one at a time. No other Inflatables are made with such personal care and attention.

Available Options

Design Modifications, Customized Color combos, Additional Handles & D-Rings, Top Chafe, Bottom Wrap, Foot Scoops, 3rd Thwart, Custom Logos, Frames, Oars, Paddles.

  • Length: 14'
  • Exterior Width: 80"
  • Tube Diameter: 20"
  • Straight Section: 85"
  • Interior Width: 40"
  • Thwarts: 2 Buckle
  • Thwart Diameter: 13"
  • Floor Drop: 13"
  • Floor Thickness: 6"
  • Floor I-Beams: 6
  • Valve Orientation: Inline with Floor I-Beams
  • D-Rings: 10
  • Handles: 6
  • Air Chambers: 7
  • Bow & Stern Rise: 11"
  • Bow & Stern Rake: 11"
  • Load Capacity: 1622 lbs. (At 1/3 Submergence)
  • Capacity Persons: 8
  • Weight: 106 lbs.

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