The SOTAR Legend

Designed for big water, The Legend handles unbelievably well in Technical Class IV and V water.  The Legend tubes were designed for the big drops. Learn more ... CLICK HERE

The Classic ST Cataraft 

SOTAR’s continuous curve Cat design has become an industry standard. By eliminating all cross-miter seams, we decreased drag and increased performance. The continuous curve design allows SOTAR, to change the shape of the tube gradually throughout the tube length. Learn more ... CLICK HERE

The Liquid SL Cataraft

In the design of the SL Cat the profile of the tubes are changed and it has a reduced  stern tube diameter to lessen the leverage the current could apply to the tubes. With an increased tube diameter at the central pivot point it create a small footprint. Learn more ... CLICK HERE

Fishing Cataraft 

The Coho Cat is the ultimate fishing machine. This is the newest member of our cataraft fleet. Ideal for fisherman, the Coho comes in two sizes: 11' and 13'. Learn more... CLICK HERE