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The RiverMaps Rogue River 3rd Edition Guide Book gives boaters all of the beta needed for a successful trip down this classic wild and scenic river from Galice to Foster Bar.
  • This guide covers 43 miles from Galice, Oregon to Foster Bar, although longer or shorter trips are possible.
  • Mile-by-mile information on rapids, campgrounds, geological features, historical sites and reference points.
  • With book in hand, maps read from bottom to top to match the downstream flow of the river.
  • The topo maps are the same scale as the original USGS maps. The contour lines and accurate river shape enhance your ability to keep track of where you are.
  • Printed on high-quality waterproof paper to prevent ink from smearing and is tear-resistant to keep your guide intact throughout the trip.
  • Also includes information on history, geology, wildlife and plant life throughout the Rogue River basin as well as basic river trip etiquette, rules, regulations and shuttle directions.
Authors: Duwain Whitis and Barbara Vinson
Copyright: 2022
Size: 9"W x 14"H
Pages: 29
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RiverMaps Rogue River Guidebook 3rd Edition
RiverMaps Rogue River Guidebook 3rd Edition

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