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Reminder.... We, here at SOTAR, are on our Spring hours: Monday - Saturday 9 am. to 6 pm Closed on Sunday.

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to inform our customers that Vic
Smith, our long time aluminum frame builder and good friend, passed away last Thursday night. He will be greatly missed by all of us.
Out of respect for her privacy and the huge loss she is dealing with, we ask
that you do not contact his wife, Dixie, at this time by phone, fax or email.
If there are any questions or condolences you want to relay, please contact
Sotar or Pro's Choice.

If you currently have aluminum frames on order, or were wanting to order an
aluminum Predator or Explorer frame for our Spring Sale, management is
working on an alternate builder and will address this as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.
Sotar Management and Staff


We move the industry forward.

Mesa Falls




Wisdom is not found in the years but in the miles.

And we have certainly seen a few float underneath our boats. From Tierra Del Fuego to the Yukon, from Siberia to Phantom Ranch people have sat in our boats and spoke Russian, Ukrainian, Croatian, Turkish, Spanish, Quebecquois, a few African tribe dialects - and coast to coast all over our great United States of America.



We have been around just over 30 years, but more important -
we've just plain been around.

We've listened and kept an open mind so we could see what was possible, and what was not, what worked, and what could be better. Sat in eddies and listened to our friends sign praise, and sometimes belly-ache. And then we came home to Southwestern Oregon as always, and we worked on building an ever better boat. One that performs on the highest level, takes harder hits, and looks more lovely pulled up on the beach.

We've been first many times.

SOTAR designed and built the first self-bailing floors - the performance innovation that allowed many a first descent. And while there was a time when skeptics laughed and pointed, it is now the industry standard. We've had a few other firsts as well: CAD design, thermo-welded seams and the continuous curve cataraft tube designs, our exclusively developed lightweight heavy duty Urethane / Lexatron boat fabric we have been using since 1987, welded seams with no glue in the construction of our boats since 1992,

No, we've never minded going first.

But alas, the cleanest run often requires the bolder line - and we decided long ago to design and build accordingly.

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LITE Cylinder Recall

Mix and match colors!

Introducing two new 2013 boat colors (Dark Forest Green and a medium Kelly Green) in addition to our other standard colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Grey, White and Black

Feel free to check our Shelly Becker's new video:

"Hopefully people will be able to see how much fun cat boating can be, all while helping to give back to the sport."


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