Used SOTAR SL 14' Liquid Raft - #12356 - USRA

Dark Blue

SOTAR SL 14' Liquid Raft 

          Here is the workhorse of the SL line. This 14' boat has a 22-17" diminishing tube. The 14' rows like a 13' ST, but the bottom allows for sharper turns, and better tracking. Take a trip in a 14' SL and your back will thank you!  All SOTAR Inflatables are designed and manufactured one at a time. No other Inflatables are made with such personal care and attention.

           These rafts will be used during the 2018 United States Rafting Association National Championship in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Place your deposit now and claim your place in line to pick one of the six rafts. The Championship will be held September 4-8. Once the race is over SOTAR will quality check each boat to ensure production standards.

 See the following links to learn more about the USRA National Championships.


  • Length 14'3"
  • Tube Diameter 22" down to 17"
  • Chambers: 7
  • Top Chafe: White Liquid Lex Chafe on the Straight Sections
  • Foot cups: Two located in Bow
  • Thwarts: 3 Buckle Wedge Thwarts
  • Bailing: Speed Bailing
  • Thwart D-Rings: 24
  • Interior Width 41"
  • Straight Section: 90"
  • Weight: 126 lbs.
  • Load Capacity: 1800 lbs. (At 1/3 Submergence)
  • Built: 2018
  • Warranty: 10 years

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