NRS Fishing Frame

Strike raft is not include in price

This fishing frame is pictured on a 13'6" Strike. The fishing frame includes 2 side rails, 2 crossbars, foot bar, 1 angler seat bar, 1 low-back seat, 1 high back swivel seat, universal seat mounts, adjustable Low Pro fittings, a pair of 8" oar towers and Superston oarlocks with lynch pin keeper.

If you are interested see this Strike which is now available in our stock inventory.

This frame was custom fit to a 13'6" Strike and will fit up to a 14'6" Strike. You can add a stern swivel seat for a second angler, a motor mount and anchor mount.

  • Frame Dimensions 54" x 76"
  • Rowing Foot Bar
  • 8" Oar Towers
  • NRS Superston oarlocks with Lynch Pin Keeper
  • Optional Additions:
  • This frame will fit a 13'6" to a 14'6" Strike with the add on of a motor mount/anchor system and stern angler seat.
Optional Additions:
  • Stern frame swivel seat for a second fishing position in the rear
  • Anchor system
  • Motor mount system