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NRS Customized Fishing Frame

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  • This frame turns your raft into a fishing machine. The fully adjustable and adaptable NRS frame system lets you customize your Fishing Frame for the kind of fishing you're doing.
  • A full range of frame widths and lengths ensure a good fit for any size raft.
  • Hot-forged aluminum alloy LoPro™ Fittings are the heart of the NRS frame system, and allow complete adjustability for all frame parts.
  • NRS 8" Oar Mounts are lighter, sleeker and stronger than ever with hot-forged aluminum alloy construction and a nylon insert to reduce rowing friction.
  • Create your seat bars by U-bolting each Universal Seat Mount to a cross bar and the Angler Seat Bar. This allows you to precisely set the location of the seat and the seat angle.
  • Use at least four NRS Straps to secure the frame to your boat.
  • Components: Side Rails, Foot Bar, Universal Seat Mount, Angler Seat Bar with Universal Seat Mount, two Cross Bars, Low-Back Seat, High-Back Swivel Seat and 8" Oar Mounts **STRAPS ARE NOT INCLUDED**
  • Additional Components: NRS Raft Stern Anchor Mount System, HDPE Rear Casting Platform (large).
  • Stern Seat Mount with High Back Swivel Seat
  • This frame is pictured on a 14' SOTAR ST Classic Raft with Standard Cobra Oar Locks **NOT INCLUDED**

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  • Frame Dimensions 66" x 78"
  • Rowing Foot Bar
  • 8" Oar Towers
  • Universal Seat Mount
  • x1 Low Back Seat
  • x2 High Back Swivel Seats
  • x2 Cross Bars
  • Angler Seat Bar
  • NRS Raft Stern Anchor Mount System
  • HDPE Rear Casting Platform (large)
  • Stern Seat Mount