Raft Gallery

SOTAR designed and built the first self-bailing floors that are now industry standard. Another first is our CAD designed thermo-welded seams technique that works with our exclusively developed lightweight heavy duty Urethane/Lexatron boat fabric. In the construction of our boats, this fabric allows a welded seam without glue or stitching. This material with welded seams lends itself to fewer repairs issues.

This personally developed Lexatron is a 40 oz.,100% urethane material with a 3000 denier base fabric that is defensively the toughest raft material in the industry and is used on all of SOTAR's inflatables: the SOTAR SL Liquid raft, the SOTAR ST Classic raft; the ST, SOTAR LEGEND CATARAFTLegend, Coho and SL Cats, the SL and ATV Kayaks and SOTAR Rivertubes, are all made with this Lexatron. 

Our SOTAR SL Liquid rafts are designed to respond swiftly when maneuvering technical rapids. The SOTAR ST Classic raft carries the traditional lines well known for distributing weight evenly and providing consistent tracking.