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Sawyer SquareTop V-Lam Oar

Blade Choice

SquareTop V-Lam Oar

The very popular Sawyer SquareTop Oar with our beautiful V-Lam blade. This is a solid wood oar from the top of the laminated Douglas Fir handle and shaft to the laminated Western Red Cedar blade. Incorporates the unduplicated feel and progressive flex from a tapered wood shaft and the strength of Fiberglass/Carbon X-Weave reinforcement. The over-sized square top provides a counter balanced feel without compromising flotation.

All For more than 47 years Sawyer has been crafting performance driven paddles and oars from the highest quality materials available. Made in the beautiful Rogue River Valley, USA.

  • Shaft diameter at Wrap: 2.3"
  • Three DyneLite™ blade choices:
    • Narrow: 6" W x 30" L
      • Available 9' - 9'6" (overall length)
    • Wide (standard): 7" W x 30" L
      • Available 8' - 10' (overall length)
    • Shoal Cut: 8.5" W x 30" L
      • (measured at the belly)
      • Available 8' - 10' (overall length)


    • Solid laminated Douglas Fir wood oar
    • Fiberglass/Carbon X-Weave reinforced shaft
    • Fiberglass reinforced V-Lam blade with Dynel and Kevlar ProTip tip protection
    • Counter balanced "Square Top"
    • Comes standard with rope wrap and rubber stop