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Sawyer Light Oar


SMOKER Light Oar

Sawyer Light Oars are the number one choice of NW drift boat guides. Crafted from high quality straight grain Douglas Fir for strength, light weight and responsive feel. These oars have a balance and flex that will keep you on the water all day, day after day. Comes standard with a Dynel and Kevlar Pro-Tip, oar blade protection from rocks and other debris.

All For more than 47 years Sawyer has been crafting performance driven paddles and oars from the highest quality materials available. Made in the beautiful Rogue River Valley, USA.

  • Available Lengths: 8' to 16' (overall length)
  • Rope wrap and rubber stop standard
  • Shaft diameter at Wrap: 2.3"
  • Blade dimensions: 5.5" W x Variable L (depending on oar overall length)


  • Full laminated Douglas Fir wood oar.
  • Tapered oar shaft circumference for a counter balanced feel and excellent flex.
  • Laminated Fir blade with solid ash edges and reinforced metal spline in the tip for durability. This blade has a slight crown power face for a smooth, controlled stroke.
  • Round barrel grip with black vinyl grip covers.
  • Sealed and finished with the finest marine grade spar varnish.
  • Comes standard with rope wrap, rubber stop & Pro-Tip.