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13' SOTAR Liquid (SL) Raft at a Great Price!

SOTAR's Liquid Rafts are in the 2019 Fiji Eco Challenge13' SOTAR Liquid (SL) Rafts used in Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 from September 5-25th are available NOW. To purchase raft with additions such as chafes, foot cups, etc., a 50% deposit is required. If buying as is, full payment plus the cost of shipping is necessary prior to shipping. Eco-Challenge rafts are fully assessed for a SOTAR factory 10 year warranty. If the condition of the raft is determined to warrant it, an adjustment to the final raft price will be applied for final payment. For more information contact Retail Sales.
The image below represents the valve and foot scoop positions on all Fiji Eco Challenge Rafts.
Foot cup and valve position on these 13' SOTAR Liquid Rafts


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