13' SOTAR Liquid (SL) Raft at a Great Price!

SOTAR's Liquid Rafts are in the 2019 Fiji Eco Challenge13' SOTAR Liquid (SL) Rafts used in Eco-Challenge Fiji 2019 from September 5-25th and will be available by the end of November 2019. Choose your favorite color combo, a pre-purchase is required with a 50% deposit. The image below represents the valve and foot scoop positions on all Fiji Eco Challenge Rafts.
Foot cup and valve position on these 13' SOTAR Liquid Rafts

After Eco-Challenge, rafts will be fully assessed for a SOTAR factory 10 year warranty. If it is determined that the condition of the raft warrants a discount, an adjustment will be made to the final raft price. Additional options may be added upon return, such as chafes, foot cups, etc.

For additional information contact Retail Sales